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Table Olives

Olives from the Mediterranean region taste just like freshly picked olives – available in large stand-up pouches.

  • Spain


    The world’s largest producer of olives: the most important cultivation region is Andalusia.


    • Hojiblanca: firm, crunchy variety of olive with high oil content. Outstandingly suitable for processing (pitted, stuffed, in slices).
    • Manzanilla: rather soft with extremely low oil content. Very popular due to its nut-like flavour.
    • Gordal Reina: the “Queen” of olives; extra-large and very succulent.
  • Greece


    The Peloponnese is the home of the famous Kalamata olive. Numerous other varieties stem from the cultivation areas near Larissa and Thessaloniki.


    • Chalkidiki: long, pointed shape. Firm consistency and usually harvested extra-large. Especially suited for stuffing with whole almonds, garlic, jalapeño peppers and chili peppers. The slightly reddish colour around the stone is typical.
    • Kalamata: dark purple, tree-ripened fruit. Wonderfully intense and yet pleasantly mellow aroma. It is a very special treat in the truest sense of the word.
    • Amphisis: soft, tree-ripened olive. Aficionados appreciate the wonderfully intensive aroma. Not suitable for processing.
  • Italy


    Not merely known for its outstanding olive oil, but also for its delicious table olives


    • Leccino: tree-ripened, hand-picked olive from the Abruzzo region. Convincing through its mild and fruity flavour.
    • Nocellara: considered to be one of the best olives in Sicily and cultivated for hundreds of years in the Trapani region. Perfect with antipasti!
  • Marocco


    Famous for its sundried, wrinkled olives


    • À la Grecque: dried like a raisin. The freshly harvested olives are traditionally preserved in salt layer by layer and led through the fermentation process in this way. This results in unique olives with a very intensive aroma.

olive snack

New - the authentic olive snack from Dumet.

Crunchy green pitted olives from Spain with a delicate marinade (peperoncino or garlic).


In our assortment you will find numerous organically grown olive products



  • Kalamata - with or without pit, tree-ripened olives (EU Organic, Organic „Suisse Knospe“)
  • Amphisis - with or without pit, paprika filling (EU Organic, Organic „Suisse Knospe“)
  • Tapenades - from green or tree-ripened olives (Organic „Suisse Knospe“)



  • Hojiblanca - with paprika filling (EU Organic)



  • Peranzana olives and dried tomatoes (Organic „Suisse Knospe“, Demeter)

further products

In addition to our fine table olives, we also offer other selected products of highest quality in our product range.



Olive Tapenade:

  • Country: Greece
  • Region: Kalamata
  • Variety: Kalamata
  • Recipe: original Greek recipe
  • Shelf life: 24 months
  • Contents: 780 g



Olive Oil:

  • Country: Spain
  • Region: Andalusia; DOP Estepa (Seville)
  • Varieties: Hojiblanca, Manzanilla, Lechín, Arbequina
  • First harvest: November
  • Bottled: Spain; unfiltered; cold-pressed
  • Quality: EXTRA NATIVE; free fatty acids max. 0.2%
  • Shelf life: 18 months
  • Contents: 500 ml
  • Ideal for: salad, on bread, with past